Jacob is a gore hound, video gaming, wordsmith with a penchant for Young Adult Fiction and a good conversation about topics ranging from psychology and philosophy to anime and tabletop wargaming. He teaches fifth grade while keeping it really real.

He also loves cats, especially his cat Kitty Pryde.

Jacob hosts his own podcast – the anime commentary podcast Neon Genesis Evangelion: A Commentary. He also co-hosts a film podcast Cinema Throwdown.

Horror Origins





Subgenres – body horror and found footage

Directors – John Carpenter and David Cronenberg

Horror Movie – The Fly (1986) directed by David Cronenberg

Monsters – The Creature from the Black Lagoon and werewolves

Genre Podcasts – The Horror Movie Podcast, Werewolf Ambulance, Horror 101

Non-Genre Podcasts – The Godzilla Podcast, Transformers Beast Wars Podcast, Hey Do You Remember…, Ultima Final Fantasy

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