What is Test Pattern?

“Test Pattern” is a bi-weekly horror podcast on the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network!

In the days before syndicated stations and 24 hour programming, television stations often showed old monster movies hosted by local on-air talent.  It is in this spirit that “Test Pattern” is made – a little bit spooky, a little bit silly, but always informative! Jacob and Tab have a new theme every other week, with a focus on the macabre offerings shown on television starting in the mid 1950s, favorite creature features, and B-movies (with occasional forays into the outer realms of horror).

In “off” weeks, there will be bonus episodes about various other topics and a Monster Kid Mailbag episode featuring trivia answers, questions from the Monster Kid Hotline, and fun surprises!


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Episode Categories

We Play All the Classics

Classic and usually well-regarded films paired with something that the films inspired. We will look at the original film juxtaposed with films, books, or television shows that pay that film homage and examine the legacy it has created in our culture.

Tales From the 90s

Nostalgic discussions about horror and cult films, books, and television stories from the 90s (or those that we remember watching on video in the 90s).

Deep Thirteen

We delve into the weird world of cult horror, sci-fi, and fantasy movies. These are the films that, while maybe not critically acclaimed, have a special place in our hearts for their abject weirdness.

The Soul's Midnight

The world of real life horror – true crime. **Warning: These can get pretty dark!**

Hallowed Halls

Profiles of horror greats – actors, directors, and special effects artists.

Tomes of Terror

A descent into literary horrors!

One Good Scare

One-off episodes/minisodes, that fall outside our regular categories, sometimes correlating with recent releases!

The Ghost Host Sanctum

Host curated episodes featuring their favorites!


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