Episode 60: Ghostly Missions – The Sixth Sense and Stir of Echoes

In our latest episode, we look at two movies with some startling similarities – children with the ability to communicate with ghosts, the use of red to portent trouble, and scores by James Newton Howard – which were released within months of each other in 1999.  We see dead people with The Sixth Sense and Stir of Echoes!


The Sixth Sense (1999)

“15 Twisted Facts About The Sixth Sense” by Roger Cormier, from Mental Floss

“Music and Sound Design”, making of featurette

“Reaching the Audience”, making of featurette

“A Conversation with M. Night Shyamalan”, making of featurette

“Rules and Clues”, making of featurette


Stir of Echoes (1999)

Director’s commentary

“Kevin Bacon: The Sixth Sense completely fucked release of Stir of Echoes” by Joey Nofli, Entertainment Weekly

Show Info:

Music for Test Pattern is “Dance of Deception” by Kevin McLeod and is licensed under Creative Commons. For more, go to incompetech.com.

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