Episode 52: GOJIRA! – Godzilla (1954) & Shin Godzilla (with Patreon Subscriber Chris!)

We talk the king of the monsters with MechaGodzilla Patreon subscriber Chris! OG Godzilla meets Shin Godzilla in a battle of epic proportions!


Godzilla (1954)

Commentary by film historian David Kalat, Criterion collection

Akira Takarada interview, Criterion collection

Haruo Nakajima interview, Criterion collection

“The Unluckiest Dragon” with Greg Pflugfelder, Criterion collection

Godzilla: Why the Japanese Original is No Joke” by Tim Martin, The Atlantic

Show Info:

Music for Test Pattern is “Dance of Deception” by Kevin McLeod and is licensed under Creative Commons. For more, go to incompetech.com.

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