Calling All British Horror Fans!

Hi guys! We’re getting ready to record our Censorship in Horror episode and the last third of the episode is covering the Video Nasties era.  I would love to get some personal stories from Brits who remember that time to include in the episode!

You can:

  • Leave your story as a comment on this post
  • Send us an email to
  • Record your story as an audio clip and send it via email to!  (It would be great if we could keep the recordings to under three minutes to give everyone a chance to use this option.)

Since Jacob and I are both American, I think it’s important to include British voices and stories in this part of the episode.  It’s part of your culture as horror fans, and it seems weird to cover it without including some of the people who lived it.

Remember to stay up late and watch weird movies!

– Tab


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