Episode 22: Sasquatches – Abominable, Exists, & the Bigfoot Legend

We study the king of the cryptids!  We’re examining the legend of Bigfoot through “true” sightings and representations of the legendary monster in films like Abominable, Exists, and more!



Bigfoot“, from The Skeptic’s Dictionary

“Had Slain His Thousand”, from Placerville Mountain Democrat

“A Terror to Ranchmen. ‘Bigfoot,’ the Giant Grizzly, and His Costly Depredations”, from Goshen Daily Democrat

Bigfoot Claim Exposed As Hoax“, from CBS News

Bigfoot Hunter Admits He Lied About Killing Beast” by Joel Landau, from The New York Daily News

Bigfoot Dead? Hunter Plans to Take Sasquatch Corpse On Tour” by Bonnie Burton by CNET

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